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Policies of Rogue wave solutions, LLC Effective 1/01/2018

  • Normal hours of operation are Monday–Friday, 8:00am until 5:00pm.

  • Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC is not responsible for theft of items or any damages due to fire, wind or any acts of nature while a customer’s boat is on Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC property. We encourage you to remove or lock/secure all items of value from your vessel. Please remove all Firearms from your vessel.

  • All charges are due and payable prior to departure. Any boat that remains more than 2 weeks will be expected to make progress payments. All progress payments must be paid in full within 15 days of receiving invoice or a 1.5% interest charge will be applied to the full invoice amount per month.

  • All customers must provide a completed customer information form including authorized contact name(s), phone number(s) and valid mailing address for billing.

  • Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC, employees and agents shall be held harmless for liability for any negligence or strict liability or any incidental, consequential or punitive damages, including without limitations, damages based on lost use, lost charter, hire, lost profits, or inconvenience of any kind including without limitations, lost vacations, altered travel plans, air fare, and hotel accommodations, all of which are waived and disclaimed. I hereby authorize the repairs to be done along with necessary materials. You and your employees may operate the unit herein described for the purpose of testing, inspection or delivery. An express mechanics lien is acknowledged on the above unit to secure the amount of repairs thereto. Any dispute arising out of this vessel work authorization agreement or the application of any provisions thereof shall be submitted to an arbitrator or arbitrators (using the American Arbitration rule) not interested in the financial aspects of this authorization. The parties may agree on one arbitrator, or may select one each and these two shall select a third. It is mutually agreed that any such arbitration award shall be binding and at the same weight as legal adjudication of any differences between the parties. All arbitration must take place in Brazoria County, Texas. A Maritime Lien is hereby acknowledged against the above described vessel securing the amount of any charges for repairs, supplies, services or other necessaries set forth in Title 46 & 971 of the U.S. Code. In addition it is expressly agreed that notwithstanding any other remedy permitted by law that payment for work performed on this vessel may be used pursuant to the statutory lien laws of Texas. Owner, agent or master further agrees that said vessel owner shall be responsible for all cost of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees and charged the maximum interest rate permitted by law on invoices past due 30 days or longer. As a health and safety precaution, customers and vendors are asked to limit smoking to authorized areas only. Smoking is not allowed in any buildings at any time.

  • All outside subcontractors must show proof of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence in Commercial General Liability. In addition, all subcontractors and independent contractors are required to carry Workers Compensation coverage and to provide proof of this prior to beginning work on the premises. Spill liability coverage should be included in the subcontractor’s insurance policy. Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC reserves the right to charge outside contractors working through and being paid by owners, a 15% surcharge that will be charged to the owner’s bill. Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC will not warranty any work performed by subcontractors that are subcontracted at the request of the owner or responsible party. All subcontractors must sign in each day with the Service Department.

  • All boats brought to Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC must have, and if is requested, show proof of active liability insurance in place throughout their stay. All customers should have Yacht insurance in force at all times. Customers should carry no less than $1,000,000 in Protection & Indemnity (Watercraft Liability) coverage, which includes Pollution Liability, and names Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC as an Additional Insured, where possible.

  • Any boat entering Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC for long term storage needs to have prior authorization regarding the duration of the boat’s stay. If the outstanding balance becomes 30 days past due, the storage rate will be doubled. If the boat is left longer than 60 days after the agreed term, the storage rate will be doubled. Payment is due the first of the month every month. Payment is due in full prior to the launch of the boat

  • Authorized Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC personnel only may perform spray painting, sandblasting, welding or relocation of jack stands. No sandblasting, spray painting or welding is allowed by owners or owner’s subcontractors without prior authorization from Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC.

  • All customers must sign a work order upon his/her arrival. All terms and conditions of that agreement shall be understood and followed. Work performed when estimated can cost less than or greater than the estimated cost. Work performed on a ‘not to exceed’ quote when stated in writing will not exceed the quoted price unless there is a change in scope of work requested and approved via a signed Change Order form. Estimates or quotes are not given unless requested by an authorized person. Rogue Wave Solutions. LLC retains the right to refuse add-on items that may influence timely completion of your project or other yard work unless additional service days are authorized.

  • All tools atRogue Wave Solutions, LLC are to be used by authorized individual only. No tools or equipment will be loaned to customers.

  • Customers and their vendors are expected to help us maintain a safe and clean environment. If we determine that clean-up is necessary due to our customers or vendors, a cleanup charge will be assessed to that boat.

  • Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC has a strict no-discharge policy for the marina basin. Discharge of sewage is PROHIBITED. See Yard Manager for pump out instructions.

  • All boats must have a contingency plan in place throughout hurricane season. Rogue Wave Solutions, LLC cannot guarantee hauling or safe mooring for boats in the event of a hurricane.

  • All rates as noted are subject to a 6.75% Texas Sales Tax and up to 5.0% on the total invoice for administrative and project management services. An Environmental Disposal fee of up to 5.0% may be charged to all vessels on the yard. A Shop Supplies fee of up to 5.0% may be charged to all vessels on the yard. Excessive waste and environmental problems will incur extra charges. Any customer that provides documentation for commercial tax exemption will not be charged sales tax.